A downloadable game for Windows

Your soul has been stolen by the Minotaur, and lost in the Minotaur's maze. Princess Ariadne has graciously granted you her magical thread to help you find your way back out once you recover it, as she did for the Hero Theseus so long ago. It is all the help you will have for this journey into the darkness.

But is all really as simple as it seems?


Mouse & Keyboard:

  • Mouse to look around and move pointer.
  • Left mouse button to select from menu.
  • WASD to walk.
  • ESC to leave game quickly.


  • Right stick to look around and move pointer.
  • South button to select from menu.
  • Left stick to walk.
  • 'Start' to leave game quickly.


Ariadne - Windows 64-bit 31 MB

Install instructions

1. Open .zip file.

2. Start Ariadne.exe


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That was unsettling. Surprised I didn't get a heart attack.


Holy shit, this gave me creeps

Thanks. Mission succesful :)