Game currently is missing several features, including AI, any actual penalty for Flux or running out of Health, or audio of any sort (though hooks exist).

To play, play cards from your hand to gain Movement, Power, and Attack. All cards have to be played and all movement used up before you can end your turn.

Power can be spent on buying new cards for your deck. New cards initially go to your discard pile, but will appear after it gets reshuffled. Attack can be spent on beating monster cards in the public card pool for victory points, or to pass by monsters on the board.

On the board, red spaces cost health when you land on them, green spaces regain health, and purple spaces inflict magical flux. Flux is bad, but sometimes can have benefits.

You can only collect a single pentagonal treasure token, and its value will be added to your total victory points. Once you have collected the treasure, the exit (glowing white between the starting spaces) will become available to you. Once one player reaches the exit, the points will be tallied and a winner declared.


  • v0.2 [14/09/2021@13:42]: Fixed some graphical glitches, game can now be finished.


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Please, add tutorial, because it's SO HARD to understand how to play it.