A downloadable game for Windows

Known issues: 1) The player will occasionally jitter a bit. 2) It is in certain places possible to walk through doors (while they are not open).

Game is fully playable with either Mouse & Keyboard, or a generic Gamepad.


M33_1.2.zip 28 MB

Development log


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Maybe the items could have color so its a little bit easier to see them in your hand ... I was able to escape, but not before trying to set everything on fire somehow with the star core though... lol. Its a bit of a drag to cycle through the items though ...  Maybe consider cycling through the items fast and then the one you stop on, it then  actually does the animation.

Very clever game with a very interesting aesthetic. I gave you my feedback about some minor niggles (difficulty to see what item is being carried, overlaying text) in the Discord chat. The puzzles, while strange, made sense in their own weird way. I'm glad to have escaped :)

You'll be happy to know that I've fixed these issues for a post-jam update release. Thanks again :)


Great game! Don't forget about the hotspot key though! ;)

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Good hint =] , needed it to find that pesky drawer.