A downloadable game for Windows

NOTE: 0.8.1 is the version originally submitted to MGGJ 3. 

0.8.2 is identical to 0.8.1, except it adds a Mouse Sensitivity option to the settings. If you are experiencing problems with that, please do try the higher version.

t's the last day of school before summer, and Noa plans to make it her best summer ever.

Things go from good to better when she somehow taps into a powerful quantum magic. It is not just you who has been affected, however...

Can Noa be the hero this city needs? And can she somehow make peace with her mother along the way?

Basic controls:

  • WASD - Walk
  • Mouse - Move camera, navigate
  • Spacebar - Toggle power mode
  • Shift - Speed up
  • LMB - Increase power
  • RMB - Precision mode
  • E - Contextual activation
  • Esc - Menu


OneSummersWings-0.8.1.zip 56 MB
OneSummersWIngs-0.8.2.zip 56 MB

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